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Fireman with Mustache
Public Safety & Confidence

Steve has actual public safety experience, having retired after 32 years in the fire service, his appointment to the Sheriff Liability Oversight Board, and service on the statewide Public Safety Committee for over a decade, and completing of the LASD Council Academy Program, Steve has a unique, boots-on-the-ground perspective.


Our Deputy Sheriffs have repeatedly endorsed Steve for the City Council and even took the rare move to endorse Steve, the challenger, over a seated mayor in 2018. Why? They trust Steve Hofbauer.


Both during his time on the City Council and in his current position as Mayor, Steve was been on the forefront of Palmdale's crime-fighting efforts. We need additional resources, and Steve is working with the Sheriff and Contract Cities to find the solutions for recruitment shortages. We need to upgrade our Emergency Operations Center before the next catastrophe.

Steve also understands the importance of safe roads and parks in our community. He has pushed for long-stalled and long-promised projects to become a reality.

In recent months we've also seen a nation grappling with questions about law enforcement's role in our communities. Steve met with both sides of the issue, including walking with protesters, helping him understand the feelings of different members of our community, so he could best support law and order in Palmdale. 

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