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Steve Hofbauer is supported by Business, Industry, and Labor, with his demonstrated ability to facilitate and recruit those well-paying jobs


Steve supported our partnering with industry experts to secure the grants to bring tax dollars home and partnering with economic development experts and our regional stakeholders and neighbors to further enhance our recruiting abilities. Steve's ability to root out difficult or obscure grant funding through our AQMD has returned millions in tax dollars to our region creating good-paying jobs. Just imagine what more we could do!

Steve has focused on job opportunities and growth in our community. His team helped bring an Amazon Regional Delivery Center to Palmdale, with over 500 new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities with it! He was also instrumental in Northrop Grumman relocating their Air Sector to Palmdale and has championed the thousands of new jobs Northrup Grumman has created. Steve also facilitated Lockheed Martin's building of a million square feet of new hangar-space and the new jobs that come with it.

As we grapple with the global COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, we need a proven economic leader to guide our community's recovery. We have already seen action in this realm with the Palmdale Cares initiatives such as the Mortgage Assistance ProgramAl Fresco, and Operation Jump Start.

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