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Over the last four years, Steve Hofbauer has redefined the office of Mayor in Palmdale

A Lifetime of Public Service

Mayor Hofbauer is a 32-year veteran of the Los Angeles Fire Department, who worked as a paramedic and fire marshal. He is also a former planning commission chairman, accomplished city councilman and the current mayor of Palmdale. Steve Hofbauer has dedicated his life to serving our community. Learn more about Steve by clicking here.

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Palmdale has been talking...

Palmdale Mayor Steve Hofbauer has worked hard for the community and it shows. From his frequent posts on social media to timely updates during the COVID-19 pandemic and crisis, he has held himself accountable to the people he serves. Above is a selection of public comments captured from the Mayor's Facebook page. As you can see, Palmdale has been talking and it's pretty good news.

Working for you

As a member of the Palmdale City Council, Steve Hofbauer represented Palmdale at more primary assignments than any other councilmember, and with associated agency committees, had more assignments than all other councilmembers combined, and covered colleagues assignments as an alternate, as well. He was the recipient of the 2018 LA County FD Valor Award for Heroism, the Larry Chimbole Lifetime Public Service Award, served an unprecedented 4 time Vice Mayor, and was a past city planning commission chairman. And all of this was before his last two-year term as mayor.

Priority on issues and solutions, not politics

Steve Hofbauer has demonstrated time and again his willingness to do what's needed to get things done. Whether that's extending a hand of cooperation across the dais of the city council chambers, walking the streets with community members, or working with neighboring communities, Mayor Steve Hofbauer is interested in solutions and opportunities, not grudges and politics. He is continuing his focus on:

Shake on It
Collaborative & Transparent Governence
Image by Artem Kniaz
Financial & Environmental Sustainability

The choice is easy

Steve Hofbauer for Hospital Board 2022

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